Inspired by Jane’s article from, I have decided to pen a love letter to my dad and mum too.

   I have previously shared snippets of my clashes with my dad in my twenties because of my career choice here. I was living in constant guilt for causing my dad many sleepless nights over the course of 5 years. However, I had to put my foot down as my career choice would shape and impact the quality of the next 30 to 50 years of my life. I am sorry my father that I was not able to make you trust me for the last 5 years. 

  However, I think the main reason of our contention was that there was a chasm between our perspectives, also known as the generation gap. Therefore, I was inspired and propelled to record down my own thought processes here to make sure that I have a reference point down the road to guide my future children. 

  When I read Jane’s words, they immediately struck a chord as I had been through a similar phase with my parents as well.  While Jane and I were/are dealing with different challenges in life, what binds us is the love that our parents have for us.  

Source: A love letter to daddy and mommyJanetoryl

     All we want as children is to be heard, understood and accepted. Likewise, our parents desire the same. They want to be heard, understood and accepted.

   When my dad poured out his fears that I would be financially insecure as a freelancer, did I sit down and try to explain my plans to him? No, I chose to walk away because I was fearful and lost as well. I needed time to explore and figure things out. Thankfully, my mum gave me the freedom to explore as long as I continued to contribute a token sum to our savings account.  My mum became the bulwark that shielded my inner callings from drowning in my dad’s fear. For this, I am eternally grateful to you mum for giving me all the freedom I need to thrive in life. 

   As how Jane puts it, our “parents never received a manual” for being parents.  They tried their best in raising their children up. They are not perfect and likewise, I do not have to be perfect when I become a mum in future. 

Source: A love letter to daddy and mommyJanetoryl

Note to Self

   Forgive yourself, forgive your parents, seek forgiveness and swear never to commit the same mistake twice. Be open to feedback, be open to change. Listen to your inner thoughts and constantly eradicate any hypocrisy and inconsistency between  thoughts and actions. 

We need your Help!

   We would like to hear your stories and experiences as a child or parent too as there is no instruction manual for being a parent or child. You could share your stories by writing in to with the subject title: A love letter to Daddy and Mummy!

    Found this article useful? Share it with someone whom you know is also experiencing a similar phase in life. He or she does not have to deal with it alone. We hope we have warmed your heart and soul with a little love confession here.

   Take this moment and convey your love and appreciation to your loved ones NOW! We believe it should not take life-shaking events to trigger an outpouring of our heartfelt messages to our family and friends. That’s too late. Do it, NOW!

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