Attractions we visited in Switzerland in 4 Days 3 Nights on a S$650 budget

In June 2022, my family and I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Switzerland, a country that is known for its picturesque scenery and steep cost of living. While we scrimped and saved to keep our expenses low (you can find out how in this article), we did not compromise on our experience and had a great time there. In this article, you can find out what we did and decide for yourself if the experience was worth S$650 each. 

1. Free Boat Rides in Geneva Lake

On the first day, we spent our time taking a stroll in the old street and ended our day with several boat rides at Embarcadère du Molard.


2022 年 6 月,我和家人在瑞士度过了四天三夜。瑞士壮丽的自然风光美景举世闻名。瑞士的高昂生活开销也是全世界数一数二的。今天,我将和你们分享我们在节省开支的情况下,在瑞士能做些什么活动呢?


第一天下午,我们在日内瓦的老街漫步,欣赏意大利的建筑风格。我们也有机会从Embarcadère du Molard 的码头乘搭免费的小船欣赏湖边的风观美景和了解了日内瓦的城市居民如何度过他们的夏天。 我们看到很多人在湖里游泳,还有很多游艇停在湖边。

The free boat ride at the Geneva lake gave us a good glimpse of how these city dwellers spend their summer. We saw many people swimming in the lake and many yachts that were dork near the lake. 

2. Free Cable Car Rides with SBB Saver Day Pass

On our second day, we made our way to Interlaken Ost. At the Interlaken region, we fully utilised our SBB Saver Day Pass and took as many cable car rides as possible. Even though we were also entitled to take the cruise rides at the lakes, we did not have time to do them. 

(二)用SBB Saver Day Pass 免费乘坐缆车

第二天,我们前往因特拉肯东部(Interlaken Ost)。在因特拉肯地区,我们充分利用了我们的 SBB Saver Day Pass,无限次的乘坐缆车,参观不同的景点。尽管SBB Saver Day Pass也包含了在湖边乘坐游轮的福利,但我们并没有时间享用。

3. Birg Thrill Walk (CHF 46 / S$67)

On our third day, we purchased our cable car ticket to ascend to Birg. With this ticket, we also got to experience the Thrill walk, which honestly freaked me out a little. However, I am so glad that I managed to capture my 65-year-old father walking on this tight rope effortlessly! Strangely, his bold gene has not been passed on to my brother and me. 

(三)参观Birg Thrill Walk(46瑞士法郎/67新元)

在瑞士的第三天,我们购买了而外的缆车票,以登上 Birg 高峰。有了这张票,我们还体验了在陡峭山边的惊险步行道。说实在的,高高悬挂这空中,双眼望下时,令我无比的害怕!然而,我既高兴又骄傲的见证了六十四岁的爸爸毫不犹豫,轻而易举地完成紧绳步行挑战。 奇怪的是,他这勇敢的基因并没有遗传给我和哥哥!

想知道有关Birg Thrill Walk 的更多信息,您可以在本文中获得更多质询

You can find out more about the Birg Thrill Walk in this article.

What’s Next? 

We left the Interlaken region after lunch and took a long train ride to our accommodation right next to the Basel airport (EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg). We had to catch a flight from Basel airport the next day to Italy, Venice. I will be sharing more about our misadventures in Basel and our flights to Venice in the next few articles. Stay tuned. 


吃了午餐后,我们离开因特拉肯地区,乘坐长途火车前往巴塞尔机场(EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg)旁边的住宿。第二天我们不得不从巴塞尔机场赶飞机去意大利威尼斯。在接下来的文章中,我将分享更多关于我们在巴塞尔的不幸经历以及我们飞往威尼斯的航班。敬请关注!

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