I first met Shiyun at a Social Enterprise when she was an intern and I was transitioning to my second job. I had a rough career start and when I met her, I was so awed by her proactiveness, initiative and kindness. While still in school, she found opportunities to learn more about the working World through taking on internships during her school holiday. During her internship, she gave her very best and made all efforts to stay in touch with co-workers who later on became her friends.

She is always emitting so much energy and GETTING THINGS DONE. If she says she will do it, you can expect it to be done as soon as possible. This quality has gained the recognition of her bosses and propelled her career advancement. Even though I am 2 years older than her, I find myself learning so much from her whenever we find time to meet. When I invited her to pen an article to share what she had learnt in her early career with our young readers, she readily agreed! (This is what I mean that she is proactive and reliable! You can just count on her, that’s why her bosses love her.)

Let’s find out more about the skillsets that she thinks you should start building today so that you can also succeed in your early career1!

About Shiyun

Hi! My name is Shiyun and I’ve been in the workforce for 5 years and counting, having started my career in the Fin-Tech2 industry when I graduated from Singapore Management University with a double degree in Social Sciences and Business Management in 2015. By day, I manage partnerships with various payment schemes, and by night I participate actively in various women’s networks and craft avidly.

What is the most useful skillset that the Singapore’s Education System has equipped you in succeeding in your early career?

It’s hard to put a finger on the single most useful skillset, but I would say it is making concise, impactful presentations. I’m glad that students are given opportunities to speak up and practise their presentation and public speaking skills, which went a long way to prepare me for making presentations to senior management at work.

What you wish that the Singapore’s Education System could have prepared you in your early career?

I wish there was a bigger focus on intercultural communication and working with people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

I hope that Singaporean graduates will all have a fine cultural acumen that allows them to navigate different working environments and collaborate effectively with colleagues from all over the world.

What advice would you give to your 22 year old self again?

You are never too young to lead and take charge. Decide for yourself what you want to be known for, and who the leader that you want to be is. Then go all out to be that very best version of yourself!

My Afterthoughts

Shiyun has worked in an Asian and European firm. In her jobs, she had to interact with bosses, partners and co-workers from China, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Russia, Thailand, Myanmar… Hence, this experience could have evoked her desire to be equipped with the communication skills to thrive in a multicultural environment. Perhaps, having more schools that emulate the cultural diversity in International Schools could help to foster this communication skillset in our children. You can find out more about my thoughts on International Schools here

Inspired by Shiyun’s work ethics? If you would like to find out more about how Shiyun makes herself stand out among her co-workers, you could connect with her through a personalised coaching session here. 


  1. One-EduWorld defines Early Career as (=) the first 5 years of your job since graduation from your formal education. 
  2. Fin-Tech = Financial Technology


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