One of the most awesome experience about moving to another continent is that you get to meet people from different countries and cultures which you may not be exposed to in your home country.

When you are invited to your new friends’ house(s), you may be blown away by their hospitality like me. After which, you may feel bad that you have not hosted your new friends well previously and would like to up your hosting ante. 

In case you are wondering who was the creator behind this exquisite culinary experience, you can find out more about the multi-talented host here.

So, I strove to find opportunities to practise my hosting skill before inviting our friends back to our place. When I was invited to my neighbour-turn-new-friend’s house recently, I volunteered to bring some snacks so that I can have fun designing and decorating the tea party platter. 

My new friend likes the surprise and I hope that I would be invited back often to her place so that I could have adequate practice before hosting a feast for our Iranian friends again!

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