Family Trip Guide: 7 Days 7 Nights in Italy (Florence) (Part 2)

Getting to and around Florence

1. Getting to Florence from Venice by Bus

From Venice, we set off to Florence via Flixbus which is just 3 hours away, at a cost of €15 each. Visiting Florence en route to Rome makes the long-distance bus journey more tolerable.  



1. 乘巴士从威尼斯前往佛罗伦萨

从威尼斯出发,我们乘坐仅三小时车程的 Flixbus 巴士前往佛罗伦萨,费用为每人十五欧元。我个人认为佛罗伦萨是前往罗马很好的休息站之一,因为在佛罗伦萨逗留一两夜,能把长途巴士旅程分成两段三小时的旅程,路程比较不纳闷。

The journey was smooth and Flixbus was on time this trip. It took 20 mins to head to the city center of Florence by metro from the drop-off point of Flixbus in Florence.

2. Getting around Florence

Throughout our 2 days in Florence, we did not get any tourist pass. Instead, we purchased a single-trip ticket which costs €1.5 for every 90 minutes journey to get around Florence as most of the attractions that we visited were located within walking distance. 


Our accommodation in Florence was one of the best throughout the whole trip and we paid a little more for it (€34/S$49 per pax-per night) compared to the others we booked in Italy. We had a washing machine to wash our laundry (€6 saved per wash) and a kitchen to cook some of our meals. These perks definitely make up for the slightly higher price we paid. Overall, it is a really well-equipped house and the owner takes much pride in up-keeping the place. 

旅程很顺利,Flixbus 准时到达。从佛罗伦萨的 Flixbus 下车点乘坐地铁前往佛罗伦萨市中心需要二十分钟。

2. 游览佛罗伦萨

在游览佛罗伦萨的两天里,我们没有购买任何旅游通行证。我们选择购买单程票,每九十分钟的旅程费用为 1.5 欧元,因为我们参观的大部分景点都在步行距离之内。


我和爸爸都认为我们在佛罗伦萨的住宿是整个旅行中最好的住宿之一。与我们在意大利预订的其他住宿相比,我们为此支付了稍微高的费用(每人每晚 34 欧元/49 新元)。值得一提的是,我们的住宿提供了一台洗衣机让我们洗衣服(每次洗衣节省 6 欧元)和厨房来做饭。这些福利弥补了我们支付稍高的价格。总的来说,这是一栋设备齐全的房子,业主对维护这个地方放了很多心思,令住客很满意。

“Il Ponte” Apartment in Florence ( €102 / S$147 for 3 Pax)

Do take note that if you plan to stay in this accommodation, follow the direction given by the owner rather than the address pinned on and Google. We had some issues locating the property because I chose to rely on Google Maps rather than the descriptive direction given by the owner. 


The sun was beating down on us when we were visiting the various churches and cathedrals near the Santa Maria Novella train station and that’s why these pictures below turn out amazing! Nevertheless, I remember feeling pretty uncomfortable at that moment. (Tips on how to dress in June in Italy: You should certainly bring a sun hat along with you if you are visiting Italy in June. Covering yourself up with long-sleeved clothes may also be a good idea to protect your body from the scorching sun as the weather is dry and slightly windy so you will not perspire easily.) 

请注意,如果您打算入住此住宿,请按照业主的指示导航,而不是按照 和 Google 上的地址导航。我们在寻找方向时遇到了一些问题,因为我选择依靠谷歌地图而不是业主提供的描述寻找方向。


当我们参观新圣母玛利亚火车站附近的各种教堂和大教堂时,太阳高高挂起,非常炎热。这也是为什么以下这些照片这么漂亮!尽管如此,我记得当时觉得很不舒服。 (穿着小贴士:六月去意大利旅游一定要带上遮阳帽。穿上长袖衣服也可以保护身体免遭灼热。因为天气干燥且微风,所以你不会轻易出汗。)

I was enchanted by the beauty of the Basilica and Duomo. I felt like I was walking into a Disney princess movie set when I first sighted the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The Duomo Di Milano that I saw in Milan is elegant while this Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is pretty.

Apparently, these cathedrals did not look like that when they were first constructed. They went through massive renovation and restoration over the centuries. You can learn about the reconstruction of the churches from this book. 



To find out what the interiors of the churches and Cathedrals in Florence look like, you can read more about them here. 


In Florence, we ate mostly in Chinese restaurants or home-cooked meals. 

Chinese Restaurant

We had the most awesome Chinese food in Florence in a restaurant that is right next to the Santa Maria Tram Station. You can find out more about my reviews of all the Chinese food that we tried in Italy in June 2022 here. 

Local Food from the Supermarket

This was the supermarket that we shopped near our accommodation.





我们在圣玛丽亚电车站旁边的一家餐厅享用了佛罗伦萨最棒的中国菜。你可以在这里找到更多关于我对 2022 年 6 月我们在意大利尝试的所有中国菜的评论。



These are the pasta and sauce that I tried:
These are the pasta that I wished I could have tried and I will be back to try them in the future:

Next Destination: Rome

You can find out more about our journey to Rome here

Total Expenditure for 7 Days 7 nights in Italy in June 2022


Expenditure Category Per Person % of Total Cost
Budget Airline Air Ticket (Flying from Italy to the UK) S$ 66 8%
Flixbus Tickets S$ 31 4%
Vaporetto, Metro, Tram, and Bus Tickets S$ 69 9%
Accommodations (for 7 nights) S$ 269 33%
Food S$ 235 29%
Attractions Tickets S$ 99 12%
Insurance (7 Days) S$ 40 5%
Total S$ 809


We have used an exchange rate of €1 to S$1.47 in our calculation. 

If you have not read our other travel guides in Italy, do check them out here:

下一站:罗马 (Rome)



消费类别 每人消费 占总消费的百分比(%)
廉价航空公司机票(从意大利飞回英国) S$ 66/RMB 321 8%
长途巴士票 S$ 31/RMB 151 4%
城市火车票和巴士票 S$ 69/RMB 336 9%
住宿(七晚) S$ 269/RMB 1,309 33%
食物 S$ 235/RMB 1,143 29%
景点门票 S$ 99/RMB 481 12%
保险(七天) S$ 40/RMB 194 5%
Total S$ 809/RMB 3,935




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