Family Trip Guide: 7 Days 7 Nights in Italy from Venice to Rome (3 Parts Series)

Italy, the charming country that I can’t get enough of! It holds such a magical appeal to me that I will jump at any chance to visit it again. I can’t tell you how glad I was to be back. To top it off, it was with my family this time!

Italy in June was jammed packed with people. I very much prefer the quieter months like back in April but yeah, we still tasted amazing food and learned a great ton of Roman and Venetian history!

This is our itinerary for 7 Days 7 Nights in Italy in June 2022:

1. Venice: 2 Days 2 Nights

2. Florence: 2 Days 2 Nights

3. Rome: 3 Days 3 Nights

Is Italy Safe to Travel without a Tour Guide?


Even though this was my second trip to Italy, I must confess that the worrier in me was uneasy deep down. There were tons of things that could go wrong like any of the accommodations that I had booked could turn out to be a scam. I was worried about pickpockets. I was worried that we may miss our buses. Therefore, the trip only seems great in hindsight as I am recounting it here. I guess this worrying bug in me is something that I have to tame down in order to live in the moment.

Many of my friends in Singapore think that Italy is unsafe due to the high theft and petty crime rates. Since 2008, I have heard numerous stories of friends who had personally witnessed skillful pickpockets targetting victims in Europe. Nevertheless, as I am travelling during a period post-covid-19 and there are significantly fewer tourists than in the last decade, my experience may be different from yours or what you are likely to experience in the future. Here are some tips that I have learned from others and my own experience to stay safe:

  1. Avoid places that are very crowded as much as possible
  2. Do not carry much cash, perhaps just enough to pay for the city taxes for your accommodations as many service providers prefer to collect cash in Italy. 
  3. Diversify where you hide your cash as advised by Lauren Juliff from In her words “Thieves know what money belts are and they know to look for them. When a friend was mugged while travelling, the first thing the attacker did was lift up her shirt and check for a money belt.”
  4. Purchase sufficient insurance coverage
  5. Conduct an independent check on google to suss out potential scams. 
  6. Watch YouTube videos for scam alerts in the country you are visiting as this information is usually quite current.

What was MOST EXCITING for me (as a 32-Year-Old Female Adult)?

I am most excited to share about the engineering marvel behind the city of Venice and the history of Italy which I went on to read up more about! However, like all the other trip guides found on this website, I would like to provide as much details as possible to help you navigate your holiday destination.

Therefore, in each city-specific post, you will find details in the  4 major categories below which you can click on and jump to the information directly. 

Hopefully, you will gain some insights on how to stretch your dollar so that you can travel to more places in the World! The following is a rundown of our expenditures and perhaps it may give us some insights into the rate of inflation and currency exchange rates in the future. 

Total Expenditure for 7 Days 7 nights in Italy in June 2022


Expenditure Category Per Person % of Total Cost
Budget Airline Air Ticket (Flying from Italy to the UK) S$ 66 8%
Flixbus Tickets S$ 31 4%
Vaporetto, Metro, Tram, and Bus Tickets S$ 69 9%
Accommodations (for 7 nights) S$ 269 33%
Food S$ 235 29%
Attractions Tickets S$ 99 12%
Insurance (7 Days) S$ 40 5%
Total S$ 809


Join me and my family on our trip to Italy here…


对我而言,意大利之所以具有深深的吸引力,是因为这个国家保留了许多历史古迹,艺术品和人文历史。意大利美食也是举世闻名。许多厨师们都会尽心准备佳肴,带给食客最佳的用餐体验。 这股对生活要求完美的态度令我感到钦佩。 每趟意大利之旅,都附有收获,耐人寻味! 



(一)威尼斯(Venice) :两天两夜

(二)佛罗伦萨 (Florence) :两天两夜

(三)罗马 (Rome) :三天三夜






(三)根据 的作者的经验,贴身钱袋并不是最佳的防盗方式因为小偷知道它们的存在。当她的朋友在旅途中被抢劫时,袭击者做的第一件事就是掀起她的衬衫并检查她是否有贴身钱带。因此,智深的旅游专栏作家建议我们应该分散贵重物品和财务。 


(五)在网上预订住宿时,可以考虑用谷歌(Google) 或百度(Baidu)进行独立检查,看看有没有不良的评语,以减低陷入诈骗集团提供假住宿的风险。

(六)在您探访该国家前,观看相关的YouTube 视频,了解诈骗警惕,因为这些信息通常是最新的。


这趟旅程,令我最震撼的是了解了威尼斯城背后的工程奇迹和意大利的历史。我迫不及待想和大家分享质询。 与本网站上的所有其他旅行指南一样,我想提供尽可能多的详细信息,以帮助您浏览您的度假目的地。





消费类别 每人消费 占总消费的百分比(%)
廉价航空公司机票(从意大利飞回英国) S$ 66/RMB 321 8%
长途巴士票 S$ 31/RMB 151 4%
城市火车票和巴士票 S$ 69/RMB 336 9%
住宿(七晚) S$ 269/RMB 1,309 33%
食物 S$ 235/RMB 1,143 29%
景点门票 S$ 99/RMB 481 12%
保险(七天) S$ 40/RMB 194 5%
Total S$ 809/RMB 3,935 100%


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