Family Trip Guide: 7 Days 7 Nights in Italy (Rome) (Part 3)

Getting to and around Rome


1. Getting to Rome from Florence by Bus

Once again, we opted to take Flixbus from Florence to Rome and the journey is approximately 3 hours at a cost of €5 each. Even though taking a train would have halved the journey time, the train ticket would have cost at least €30, which was 6 times the price of the bus ticket. The bus ride to Rome was quite crowded and there were many Italians on the bus too.  

2. Getting around Rome

In Rome, we also chose to buy a single-ride ticket instead of a tourist pass as our itinerary was very sparse and we did not plan to cover many attractions in a day. If you are staying further away from the metro station, I would recommend you to purchase extra single ride tickets in advance so that you will not have to scramble to purchase tickets early in the morning when most of the tabacchi shops are still closed. 

3. Getting to Rome Ciampino Airport

As we were flying out of Rome to the UK, our flight departs from the Rome Ciampino Airport and not the International airport in Rome. We took the public bus which costs us €1.5 each and arrived at our destination in 1.5 hrs with not much hassle. To reduce the risk of missing your bus/train/flight, always try to set off way earlier (e.g. 1-2 hours in advance) as you are not familiar with the traffic condition of the foreign country.  Alternatively, you can also opt to take an airport transfer from Rome Tiburtina Bus station but it will cost more. 





1. 乘坐巴士从佛罗伦萨前往罗马

再一次,我们选择从佛罗伦萨乘坐 Flixbus 到罗马,行程大约三小时,每人五 欧元。尽管乘坐火车可以将旅行时间减半,但火车票至少要花费三十欧元,是巴士车票价格的六倍。

2. 游览罗马


3. 前往罗马Ciampino机场

从罗马飞往英国的航班从罗马Ciampino机场出发,而不是罗马国际机场。我们乘坐了每趟1.5 欧元的公共巴士,并在 1.5 小时内顺利到达目的地。为减少错过巴士/火车/航班的风险,请务必提前出发(例如提前 1-2 小时),因为您不熟悉外国的交通状况。您也可以选择从罗马 Tiburtina 巴士站乘坐机场接送服务,但费用会更高。


Ela Guesthouse ( €73 / S$105 for 3 Pax)

We paid €24/ S$ 35 per night per pax and breakfast was included which was quite a steal. However, I will probably not stay in this place again as the bed was really uncomfortable, especially the spare bed. It is also a little inconvenient for people who have a tight schedule as this guesthouse is located 30 mins by bus from Rome Tiburtina Bus station. It will take an average of 40 mins to 1 hour to reach most tourist attractions in Rome. 


We only visited 2 tourist attractions in Rome over 3 days as I was a little burnt out from traveling for 10 days and just wanted to slow down and relax. 

1. Colosseum

Google was not our ally when I was purchasing the skip-the-line tickets to the Colosseum. We overpaid S$22 for 3 tickets and 1 video guide to the Colosseum as the top organic searches that came out were all third-party websites like Tiqets. 

You can just pre-book your Colosseum tickets from the official website here. I only found out about this mistake after reading a guide by a travel blogger. Kudos to the author! 

I read up about the Colosseum before our visit and I was already armed with knowledge about the place. I will recommend reading about the emperors in Rome to get a good context of the places you will be visiting. It’s interesting. 




当我提前购买斗兽场的免排队入门票时(Skip the Queue Tickets),谷歌并不是我的盟友。我们多付了二十二新元购买了三张门票和一个斗兽场视频指南,因为谷歌显示的热门搜索都是像Tiqets 等的第三方网站,令人气愤!

您可以从这里的官方网站提前预订您的斗兽场门票。我是在阅读了一位旅游博主的指南后才发现这个错误的, 非常感谢那位作者!


2. Trevi Fountain

We visited the Trevi fountain at 4 pm and it was jammed packed with tourists. Therefore, it was pretty unpleasant and I found it underwhelming. Over-tourism is indeed a problem and I told myself not to travel to Italy from June to August if possible. 


我们在下午 4 点参观了特莱维喷泉,那里挤满了游客。因此,我并不觉得这个



1. Da Enrico

I came across quite a number of guides highlighting restaurants that are tourist traps (e.g. They charge you €30 for a plate of frozen ready-meals pasta.) and this restaurant located near Bologna Metro station is one that is patronised by locals and was recommended by the guide I read. I was eager to try it and I think it did not disappoint. 

This was the only Italian meal that we had in Rome as my mum preferred having Chinese food. My mum hated the experience while my dad loved his lamb chop here. I found my mushroom pasta a little salty but I am still thankful that we had the opportunity to taste authentic Italian food cooked by middle-aged Italian chefs. (My mum has a hypothesis that the older the cook, the better the food.)


(一)达恩里科 (Da Enrico)

我读了很多旅游指南,好几个都重点介绍了旅游陷阱的餐厅(例如,他们向您收取 30 欧元的一盘冷冻即食意大利面。)这家位于博洛尼亚地铁站附近的餐厅是当地人光顾的餐厅,是我阅读的其中指南推荐的。我尝试后,认为它并没有令人失望。


2. Suppli

This is a deep-fried local snack in Rome that is made of a filling of rice, tomatoes, and mozzarella. I did not really like the rice inside the snack. They usually cost around €1.5-2 each. 


这是罗马的一种油炸当地小吃,由米饭、西红柿和马苏里拉奶酪制成。我不太喜欢小吃里面的米饭。它们通常每个售价约为 1.5-2 欧元。



3. Food Near Ela Guesthouse

These are the food that you can get from the eateries just 5 mins away from Ela Guesthouse. The pizza is sold by weight and the box of 4 slices of pizza cost us about €4-5. The gelato shop is extremely popular among locals and each gelato costs around €1.5 to 4, depending on scoops and cones choices. 

(三)Ela Guesthouse 附近的美食

这些是您可以从距离 Ela Guesthouse 仅五分钟路程购买的食物。披萨是按重量出售的,一盒四片披萨的价格约为四到五欧元。冰淇淋店在当地人中非常受欢迎,每个冰淇淋的价格约为 1.5 到 4 欧元,具体取决于几勺子和什么蛋筒的选择。

Total Expenditure for 7 Days 7 nights in Italy in June 2022


Expenditure Category Per Person % of Total Cost
Budget Airline Air Ticket (Flying from Italy to the UK) S$ 66 8%
Flixbus Tickets S$ 31 4%
Vaporetto, Metro, Tram, and Bus Tickets S$ 69 9%
Accommodations (for 7 nights) S$ 269 33%
Food S$ 235 29%
Attractions Tickets S$ 99 12%
Insurance (7 Days) S$ 40 5%
Total S$ 809


We have used an exchange rate of €1 to S$1.47 in our calculation. 

If you have not read our other travel guides in Italy, do check them out here:



消费类别 每人消费 占总消费的百分比(%)
廉价航空公司机票(从意大利飞回英国) S$ 66/RMB 321 8%
长途巴士票 S$ 31/RMB 151 4%
城市火车票和巴士票 S$ 69/RMB 336 9%
住宿(七晚) S$ 269/RMB 1,309 33%
食物 S$ 235/RMB 1,143 29%
景点门票 S$ 99/RMB 481 12%
保险(七天) S$ 40/RMB 194 5%
Total S$ 809/RMB 3,935




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