Founder’s Series: The Optimal Ratio of time allocated to Learning Vs Executing (Part 3 of 4)

Last week, I dived deep into how different types of skillsets would require different optimal time ratio allocated to learning vs executing. This week, I will be focusing on the second key factor which I believe would also influence this optimal ratio.

2. Your Preferred Mode of Learning

With a multitude of resources widely and freely available, we are spoilt for choice on the medium to learn a new skill. As a result, it is easy to identify your preferred mode of learning by observing your choices.

I am fully aware that I am a highly visual learner. Therefore, my primary mode of seeking new information is through reading and drawing out the concepts. I love YouTube videos as there are visuals and I have absolutely no interest in listening to podcasts.  On the other hand, I observed that some people around me love podcasts and they would often recommend them to me.

Many children are kinaesthetic learners and they would usually be excited if you announce that you are starting the class with a game. I find that I am a little sedentary and would mostly prefer to read first before trying my hands at something. 

2.1 What are the implications of understanding this?

A predominant visual and auditory learner would likely prefer to start off with theoretical knowledge before getting their hands dirty with execution. In contrast, a kinaesthetic learner may not have the patience to sit through lectures and can’t wait to jump right into the task.

As a predominant visual learner, I would most certainly start off my research by reading which will usually take 20-50% of my time before I jump into the execution stage.

If you are highly aware of your preferred learning style, you would definitely benefit as an entrepreneur who can allocate his or her time with confidence. 

Next Week’s Article

In the 2nd and 3rd articles of this 4-parts-series of articles, I have covered points that are largely within the control or influence of a highly self-aware individual. However, we must acknowledge that, at times, there are factors that are not within an individual circle of influence

In the article next week, I will be exploring how the resources and opportunities available to you would affect your optimal ratio of time allocated to learning vs taking actions. 

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