Rote Learning is tough and boring, at least to me, it is. Hence, I always feel guilty when I tell my students to learn their multiplication and division facts by heart.

To help them spice up their learning, I found some games that can make learning WAY MORE FUN.

1. Multiplication Games

This Multiplication Hopscotch will kick start the interest of your child.

You can download a sample copy of the printable here. For a Full Version (Multiplication Table from 1 to 12), you can purchase it here at SGD 2.99.

2. Online Division Game

This shooting game is THRILLING and it will certainly motivate your child to learn his or her division. The best part of the game is that it makes your child think on the feet as the tank inches closer to the fort.  I could feel my heartbeat racing as I struggled to figure out the answer. Each time I fired at the tank, I am rewarded with a mini-sense of triumph reinforced by the blasting sound effects. If your child is struggling with learning division, this is the go-to game.

3. Recommended Teaching Strategy

  1. Games should only be used at the start or end of the lesson to pique the child’s interest or to reward hard work.
  2. Worksheets are still important as children learn to focus better through doing them.

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