How to implement Play-Based Learning?

Here’s a step by step guide to plan and implement an outdoor learning lesson.

Wonder how you can make learning more exciting for your children this holiday?

Here’s a step by step guide to plan and implement an outdoor learning lesson.

1. Set a Learning Objective

Lesson with a clear learning objective will yield the most effective and fruitful result. Learning through play is the best way to help your children cultivate interest in a subject. Hence, as a rule of thumb, you should identify a subject which your children are weak in. This will help you to develop the learning objective as shown below:

Bear in mind, it is important to remain focus to see the best result within the shortest time.  

2. Decide on your Venue

We would strongly encourage you to plan an OUTDOOR lesson as your children are probably spending a significant portion of their time indoor in school or at home. To help you get started, here’s a list of outdoor venues that are suitable across age groups and subjects in Singapore.

Venue Budget Best Time to Visit
Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden Free Early Morning or Evening when the weather is not too hot.

(8 – 11 am) or (4 – 7 pm)

Singapore Zoo $20-39 (Per Child) All Day as there are indoor exhibits.


3. Prepare a Wet-Weather Plan

Venue Budget Best Time to Visit
Trampoline Park $20 (Per Child) All Day
Singapore Science Centre $0 – $4 (Per Child) 10am – 6pm


4. What you need?

5. Why Play-Based Learning?

Learning through play will keep learning exciting and inviting to your children. Interest is the key to success in any pursuit. Through play-based learning, you will help your children develop their love for learning. 

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