How to Make Full Use of the Singapore Library Resources

Today, I would like to share with you a secret weapon that I have been using to improve myself as a Freelancer. I chose to be a Freelancer because I was not able to thrive in an organiastion, be it big or small.  When I entered the Gig economy, I felt so happy that I have full autonomy over my schedule and resources. IT WAS LIBERATING.

Of course, it comes with its ups and downs which people who have a stable job would not be able to understand. Nevertheless, in hindsight, after 6 years of this career path/status, I do not regret this decision for I am really thankful that I could isolate TIME to learn things that I am curious about.  

Singapore is a really GREAT country when it comes to investing in its human capital resources. As a result, the people in the country have access to many learning resources that are funded by taxpayers’ money. To me, the most invaluable resource is the Public Library in Singapore, be it the physical space or digital resources.  

Since 2015, the government has allocated a big budget to upskilling the workforce in Singapore. There is this scheme known as the skillFuture fund which entitles each citizen who is above 25-year-old to enjoy subsidised or fully-funded courses up to a limit of SGD500.  I have not utilised it to date because I could not find time to commit to a course in my schedule. Thankfully, I was introduced to the Lynda Library which is now known as Linkedin Learning on the National Library Board e-resources platform.

It is entirely free of charge if you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident and it is so convenient. I can pick any courses that interest me and watch the videos. The quality of the videos, content, and narrations are really good too. Overall, I am really impressed by this resource that I could enjoy for free because I am a Singapore citizen. I am certainly indebted to my country which has given me so many resources and opportunities to learn and improve my skillsets. 

How to access Linkedin Learning through NLB e-resources?

Click on the image below to access the link directly.
Click on “Begin your learning journey” if you know your Library Username.

If you can remember your library Username, great! Key it in as shown below. Do note that the Pin is your Year of Birth instead of the password of mylibrary account. 

If you forgot your details or do not have a mylibrary account, you can set it up here

Viola! You will be brought to this page here eventually! Happy learning! 

Over the last 10 years, I have met many people in their twenties, many of whom are younger than me, that have inspired me so much to keep learning and improving myself.

I am sharing this guide because it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to log in to the account. I hope this guide will remove the roadblock and encourage you to start learning bit by bit regularly! 



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