How to Prepare for PSLE?

Preparing for PSLE can be as easy as it READS.

1. Read
Ensure that your child reads through all the notes and guidebooks CONSISTENTLY. Reading just the night before the exam would not yield any result. Your child will have to spend AT LEAST 2 – 4 hours a week from TODAY to read his or her notes. Reading the notes ALOUD will make learning stick as both the visual and auditory parts in the brain would be stimulated, resulting in deeper learning.

2. Exercise
Allocate at least 1/2 an hour everyday to exercise and relax. The best time would be after an intense revision. Your child would have a break to look forward to after putting in his or her best effort. Furthermore, research has shown that exercise aids in knowledge retention and prevents burnt-out. Your child would be ready for another round of revision after a good workout. Allow your child to indulge in his or her favourite physical activity!

3. Apply
Monitor the number of exam papers that your child has practised. Applying the concepts through mock exam practices enables your child to identify concept and knowledge gaps. To get an A/A*, ensure that your child is doing AT LEAST 1-2 set(s) of exam paper per week. If you are not able to monitor your child’s revision on a consistent basis, it might be a good idea to enroll your child in a revision bootcamp or engage a tutor who would be able to give you timely feedback.

4. Draw
Encourage your child to draw out what has been understood from each chapter read. Drawings could be in the form of mind maps, comic strips or scribbles. Drawing facilitates the flow and organisation of information in the brain, hence improving information retention.

5. Sleep
Never allow your child to be awake after 10pm, especially the night before the exam. A good night rest will ensure that your child would be at his or her most alert state during PSLE. Burning midnight oil in the weeks prior to PSLE would only result in a toxic vicious cycle of constant fatigue and an inability to focus in school. Observe the sleeping habit of your child and rectify any bad habits immediately.

Your role as a parent in helping your child to prepare for PSLE could be daunting. I hope that the above tips would come as a timely reminder to look out for the red flags that your child might be lacking or displaying currently.

To ensure that PSLE will be the peak of your child’s academic performance thus far, you will have to Instill the good habits and rectify any bad habits TODAY! Tick off each item on the checklist above and you can be assured of a pleasant SURPRISE when your child receive his or her result.

Your unwavering care and support would certainly go a long way in nurturing your child’s love for learning and improving.

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