How to revise Chinese through Fishing?

Make learning fun and sticky with a fishing game!

Wonder how you can engage your 6-year-old while revising newly learnt words with him/her? Make learning fun and sticky with a fishing game!

By integrating revision into playtime, your child would awe you with his/her enthusiasm towards learning!

This is a sneaky trick that all well-intentioned and effective parents should master. This blog is about sharing ideas to help your child LEARN through PLAY.

How to Play?

In a swimming pool or bathtub, add the revision cards and let your child fish for them.  

For every character caught, your child will have to write it out to score a point.

Why Play?

This game will not only cajole your child to practise writing the strokes, it will also help you determine his/her level of competency.

What you need?

  1. Waterproof Revision Cards
  2. Fishing Nets
  3. Toy Fish
  4. Bathtub/ Swimming pool
  5. Music (See Suggested Music List below)

Suggested Music List

  1. (Under the sea Music Only)
  2.   (Learn about Triangles)
  3.  (Learn about Sharks)
  4.  (Marine Animals)

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