How to score for A level Economics?

Find out the 3 steps to score for A level Economics here…

1. Set Clear Goal

  • Write down your goal. If you want to score an A, you will need to WRITE it down. 
  • Just thinking about it would not help you score that A. 
  • By writing it down, you will start to plan and take specific actions towards this goal. 

“You will never be able to hit a target you cannot see. Clearly defined goal will offer you guidance and refuge when you face distractions and stress.” The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma

2. Practise Weekly

  • Schedule in weekly Econs Revision Time. A minimum of 2 hours every week on top of your school homework is recommended. 
  • By practising Ten Years Series (TYS) Case studies, it will widen your knowledge of the economies in other countries. 
  • By practising Essays, you will be assured of 60% of the marks in your paper. 

Start planning your weekly revision by scheduling them in a planner here. This weekly planner is designed by Passion Planner. 

3. Get Feedback & Insights

  • Having a teacher to mark your essays and pinpoint specific problems and weaknesses will leapfrog your writing skills and marks.
  • As the scope of A level Economics is pretty wide, it would certainly give you an edge if you have access to insights of teachers who have been teaching the subject for years. They have a knack for spotting important topics, hence will prepare you adequately as you gear up for your exam. 

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