1. Why am I sharing this Review?


Do you know, our brain can only hold one thought at a time? If this statement is true, it could potentially explain why it is so difficult for some of us to make decisions at times because there are just so many factors to consider when making a decision.

Sometimes, it’s a luxury to be able to take out time to conduct rigorous research before making a decision. There’s an opportunity cost in doing rigorous research, however, if we look at it from a learning perspective, I believe the long term benefits will likely outweigh the opportunity cost in terms of time loss. I hope to share with you some of my thinking process and also to convince you why it is so important to help your child become an independent thinker.

At the same time, I hope I can help you save some time through sharing my decision making process. In my review, I hope I have done justice to both companies (specifically, the Singapore Service Centres of Brother and Canon) because they are both really good in their own ways.

2. Tips and Disclaimers


You know, what’s really amazing is that if you can’t make up your mind and print quality is really important to you, you could actually request to test the print quality by making a call to the service centre. If I had not read the reviews about DCP-T710W by John from printer geeks, I would not have bothered to call up the 2 companies. I hope to contribute to the online resources with my own personal experience so that others like you can make a more informed choice.

Please take this review with a pinch of salt as it is my own perspectives and there are many areas that could be subjective and not applicable to where you are residing. This is not a paid review and I am so glad that I can afford to do an independent review based on my own purchasing experience.

I apologise in advance that I will not have time to follow-up with any comments but I may check in to this article from time to time in the near future to review my own writings and perhaps revise any of the aspects that may not have been accurate at the point of writing. 

Do note that these 2 models only support single-sided printing. As duplex printing models will require at least an additional SGD 200 as of writing (27th Nov 2020), they are not in my consideration at all. You may also want to check out “Why ink tank printers?” to find out how I zoomed in on these 2 models.

3. Review of DCP-T710W & PIXMA 3060


Brand Brother Canon
Model DCP-T710W PIXMA 3060
Price Range (as at 27th Nov 2020) Upfront Cost = SUNK Cost

*The actual price you pay may differ due to different discounts and promotions you may enjoy from the manufacturers and distributors at different point in time.

Average Price: SGD 300

Price Range: SGD 328-305

Estimated Price: SGD 300

Price Range: SGD 299 – 280


  1. Print Speed
  2. Print Quality
  3. Type of media supported
  1. Colour 10ipm 
  2. It is of an acceptable quality. Printing Quality can be quite a subjective test as it depends on the print mode and types of paper used.
  3. I am not very clear about this either. I read online that Brother does not really support printing of stickers. 
  1. Colour 6ipm
  2. I like Canon’s colour better. It is a personal preference.
  3. Canon specifically states printing of stickers are supported in its specification brochure. 
Warranty 3 years onsite warranty  (Free Of Charge) 1 year warranty for printer head. 

2 years carry-in warranty. (I am not sure if SGD 55 service cost is applicable)

Service Centre Factors you may want to consider:

  1. Is it near your house? (Be prepared to fork out at least SGD 30 for transport cost if you are going to bring the machine in and plan to cab to the other side of the Island.)
  2. If your printer is out of the warranty period, these are the charges that you may have to consider:
  1. Service cost of SGD 45 + prevailing tax
  2. Parts charges are separate
  1. Service cost of SGD 55.
  2. Parts charges are seperate
Your Needs
  1. Best for printing coloured document due to high speed, acceptable print qualityand low cost.
  1. Best for crafty projects and printing out prototypes as printer speed is slower.


Overall, I chose canon because of the ability to print stickers and better photo printing quality which are more pressing needs for me right now. It was a difficult choice as I have plans to do bulk printing in the near future and I would certainly have gotten the brother printer if the bulk printing need is more pressing. I may still get the brother printer or an even better version of it when that need arises in the near future.

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