If you are an Asian-Chinese who has just moved to Europe, you will be thrilled to find out that Italy is in fact a haven for affordable Chinese food. While some Italians think Chinese food is of inferior quality, I personally think that the average taste of Chinese food is much better than those that I find in the UK.

To top it off, the Chinese food in Italy is at least twice if not thrice cheaper than in the UK! For a plate of fried noodles in June 2022, I would only pay €3 to €5 (S$4-7). In contrast, in the UK, I can’t find anything cheaper than £6 (S$10). I once paid £14  (S$24) for a plate of Vegetarian Cantonese Yee Mee. It was delicious but I doubt I would ever step foot into that restaurant again. 

This is another reason why I will be flying back to Italy soon. If you are a traveller who is looking for budget meals, Chinese food in Italy is a good alternative as the pricing of a plate of freshly-prepared hot meals can be equivalent to or even cheaper than the ready meals in the supermarket. 

I will definitely recommend eating Chinese food in Italy if you are on a budget. 

If you have relatives who are reluctant to travel to Europe thinking that they will not get Asian food, then you can debunk their myth with what I am going to share with you below. I will be reviewing the 5 Chinese eateries/restaurants that my family and I tried. My favourite out of them is Capitale Della Cina 京都大酒楼 that we tried in Florence


1. Rosticceria Cinese Chinatown (Venice) (Rating: 3/5)

This eatery is located just 15 mins walk from the Mestre station. 



最重要的是,意大利的中餐至少比英国便宜两倍甚至三倍!在 2022 年 6 月,享用一盘炒面,我只需支付三到五欧元(四到七新元)。相比之下,在英国,我找不到比六英镑(十新元)便宜的中餐。我曾经花十四英镑(二十四新元)买了一盘素食粤菜伊面。虽然味道很好,但我应该不会再次踏入那家餐厅,因为有点负担不起这个价位。


如果你来自亚洲的亲戚不愿意去欧洲旅行,认为他们不会找到亚洲食物,那么你可以用下面我将与你分享的内容来说服他们。以下,我将分享与评估我和家人尝试过的五家中餐馆。其中,我最喜欢的是我们在佛罗伦萨试过的Capitale Della Cina 京都大酒楼。

(一)Rosticceria Cinese Chinatown(威尼斯)(评分:3/5)


The shrimp’s fried rice and sweet and sour pork were good. Unfortunately, the fried rice noodles (a.k.a fried bee hoon) and wanton soup were not good. However, the price range is really affordable and half of what you will usually pay for eating around the Mestre station area. 
虾仁炒饭和糖醋猪肉味道都很好。不幸的是,炒米粉(又名炒米粉)和馄饨汤都不好吃。然而,价格范围真的很实惠,是您通常在 Mestre 车站附近吃饭时支付的费用的一半。

2. Ristorante Cinese Yixinge 怡心阁 川味小吃 (Florence) (Ate 2 times) (Rating: 2.5/5)


This restaurant is located in the heart of the tourist hotspot in Florence, near Santa Maria Novella Station. This place does not charge customer table charges for dining.

However, I personally do not find the food that great. I was upset that the waitress lied about their dumplings / Ravioli being handmade when in fact they were just factory-made frozen dumplings. The noodle soup was also not great as it was too bland and I did not like the noodles they used. 

 Nevertheless, I may return just to taste their Mala Hotpot dishes as I do not see them often in other places in Italy. 

(二)Ristorante Cinese Yixinge 怡心阁川味小吃 (Florence) (吃了2次) (评分: 2.5/5)




3. Capitale Della Cina 京都大酒楼 (Florence) (Rating: 4/5)


This restaurant is the best that we had tasted in Italy and it was not too expensive too. My favourite was the hot and sour soup which I requested for a vegetarian version. The hot plate noodles were good too.

(三)Capitale Della Cina 京都大酒楼(佛罗伦萨)(评分:4/5)


My parents ordered fried rice, prawns with glass noodles, and pumpkin pancake dessert. They like their food too.  Do note that this restaurant charges a cover charge of €1.5 per customer for dining in. The ambience of the restaurant was pretty good and it is located just 2 mins walk from Santa Maria Novella Station. 
我的父母点了炒饭、玻璃面虾和南瓜煎饼甜点。他们也喜欢他们的食物。请注意,这家餐厅收取每位顾客 1.5 欧元的用餐费用。餐厅的氛围非常好,距离新圣母玛利亚站仅 2 分钟步行路程。

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4. Ristorante Cinese Piccola Hong Kong (Rome) (Rating: 2.5/5)

The chef and the waitress in this eatery are really friendly and nice. While the ambience was not too great, their friendliness gave us a great experience. 

However, I find that the taste of the food is not great and only the fried vegetable roll was nice. I ordered the hot and sour soup and fried noodles and the taste was passable. 

5. Duo Wei Zhuang (Rome) (Rating: 3/5)

The chef and the waitress in this restaurant were also very friendly. When we arrived for dinner at 6 pm, they were still cleaning the restaurant and they shared that customers usually only start streaming in at 7 pm.  

They have just renovated their restaurant when we showed up in June 2022. The interior looked drastically different from those images found on google reviews and we were pleasantly surprised. They have also turned it into a more Japanese-centric restaurant even though they were run by Chinese. They still preserved their Chinese and Thai menu. You can opt to have a buffet/all-you-can-eat in this restaurant.

I ordered the usual suspect which is Hot and Sour Soup with the addition of Thai Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai and Tofu with vegetables. The food was decent, but not great. 

(四)Ristorante Cinese Piccola Hong Kong (Rome) (评分: 2.5/5)



(五) 多维庄(罗马)(评分:3/5)


当我们在 2022 年 6 月观临时,他们刚刚翻新了他们的餐厅。内部看起来与谷歌评论中发现的图像截然不同,我们感到惊喜。他们也把它变成了一家更以日本为中心的餐厅,尽管它们是由中国人经营的。他们仍然保留了中式和泰式菜单。您可以选择在这家餐厅享用自助餐或单点菜肴。


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