Opinion Piece – All we need is air, food and friendship in this world! Do you agree?

Author: Caitlin,12-year-old

I don’t agree with this statement because you also need to have fun and a good education too. Without this, your life could be boring and uneventful to you, and you may not be successful in your future. 🌿✨

For example, if you are doing a sport, you should find it fun. I think that if what you’re doing isn’t fun for you, you may not be as passionate about it as you should. I think without the fun, it becomes meaningless and that you may want to consider finding something else to do. Fun is one of the key things that make life interesting and enjoyable. 🌿✨

Furthermore, friendships are guaranteed to bring along frustrations and arguments, because, without them, each individual doesn’t grow and the friendship may not be as deep. But the arguments help you realise that you need your friends because they are very important to you and because they understand you at that point in time. To sum up, I agree that friendships are important, but I think that fun and education is just as important.🌿✨

As for education, I think that having an education is one of the most important things ever. An education means a better and clearer understanding of what’s happening around you and can help you try and solve the problems and obstacles in your way. As an example, you are working in an office. If you had an education, you would have better skills and knowledge of the field you are working in. And you could also get noticed by others and might be promoted in the future. 🌿✨

In the end, I still think that breathing, having 3 warm meals a day and friendship are very important. But I think that there are other things, such as having fun and an education that are just as important. 🌿✨









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