Reconnect with your childhood to find your dream job (Part 1)

I know I am pretty late into the game. I have recently started using ChatGPT on a daily basis and I am in awed by how much more “productive” I became.

I confessed that I was initially really upset that ChatGPT is undermining the painstaking effort that I had put in to polish my writing skill in the last 10 years. However, after having being nudged repeatedly by my partner, I was persuaded that the role of ChatGPT would evolve to be like a calculator, if I do not use it now, my productivity would be severely penalised in 2023 and beyond.  

In this week’s article, I would like to share with you how ChatGPT did the heavy lifting for me by transforming my 20 mins scribbles into an essay within 10 mins. As a result, I was able to use the additional 3 to 5 hours saved to complete my household chores such as drying the laundry and cleaning the floor. This saved me at least 30 pounds if I were to outsource these tasks in the UK. I am immensely grateful to you, ChatGPT. 

Command Input into ChatGPT

Write an essay with the title “ Reconnect with your childhood to find your dream job” using these points:

I like….

Childhood Experiences

Look/ Recall / Think about  the toys I like to play when I was a child

1. I like drawing houses when I was young. This is what gives me security.

2. I like cooking (imaginative play) and eating.

3. I like Flintstone cartoon, especially the scene that the family get into the car and start riding together.

4. I like to think of recycling ideas when I was young.

5. I would have a vision of my ideal study desk but not be able to find them in any shops. Then, I got really upset.

6.. I like playing fashion show pretend games with my cousins.

7. I like travelling to Genting with my extended family (including all my cousins).

Teenage Experience

1. I like interacting with old people.

My Twenties Experience

1. I like cycling.

2. I like going to Nature.

3. I like learning to bake and cook.

4. I like travelling to different countries with my friends.

5. I like reading about the topics that interest me.

6. I like learning how to invest.

7. I absolutely love autonomy in my work and my life choices. 

My Thirty Experience

1. I like travelling to a new country on my own.

2. I like trying to invest and start a business.

Time spent to scribble down these thoughts: 20 mins

Output from ChatGPT

As children, we have limitless imaginations and are unafraid to dream big. We often have hobbies and interests that bring us pure joy and excitement. But as we grow up, we become more practical and pragmatic. We start to focus on our education, careers, and financial stability, often forgetting the simple joys that brought us happiness as children. However, these childhood experiences can provide clues to our true passions and help us find our dream job.

Looking back on my childhood, I recall the toys and activities that brought me the most joy. I loved drawing houses, which gave me a sense of security and comfort. I also enjoyed imaginative play, especially cooking and eating. Watching Flintstone cartoons was a highlight, particularly the scenes where the family rode together in their car. Recycling ideas was also something I enjoyed doing, and I had a vision for my ideal study desk, which frustrated me when I couldn’t find it in stores. I loved playing pretend fashion shows with my cousins and going on trips to Genting with my extended family.

As a teenager, I discovered my love for interacting with old people. In my twenties, I developed a passion for cycling, going to nature, and learning how to bake and cook. I also enjoyed travelling to different countries with friends, reading about my interests, and learning how to invest. The most significant thing that I enjoyed was autonomy in my work and life choices, which gave me a sense of control and independence.

Now, in my thirties, I continue to discover new interests and passions, such as travelling to new countries on my own and trying to start a business. But the key to finding my dream job is to reconnect with my childhood experiences and interests. I could explore career paths related to architecture, cooking, or fashion design based on my childhood hobbies. I could work with the elderly or in the travel industry, given my passions for these areas.

Moreover, it’s essential to remember that a dream job doesn’t always have to be conventional. It can be something unique that you create for yourself, such as starting a business or investing in something you’re passionate about. It’s crucial to find a job that aligns with your values, interests, and passions, as it will bring you more fulfilment and happiness in the long run.

In conclusion, reconnecting with our childhood experiences and interests can provide valuable insights into our true passions and help us find our dream job. It’s essential to keep an open mind and explore unconventional career paths that align with our values and interests. Remember, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and find a job that brings you joy and fulfilment.

Time spent to generate this essay with ChatGPT: 10 mins

Time spent if I were to write the essay on my own: 5 hours

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