Reviews of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms available in Singapore

In my previous article, I shared about 3 brain food that I think you should be giving to your children. As a follow up on the article, I am sharing the places that you can purchase one of the ingredients, the lion’s mane mushrooms, in Singapore. 

This post will be regularly updated whenever I find new brands available in the market. Do note that the lion’s mane mushrooms have vegan and lacto-ovo vegetarian varieties. 

1. Golden Mushroom Meat by Yi Dah Xing


Categories Lacto-ovo Vegetarian, Frozen
Taste 4 Stars
Healthiness 2 to 3 Stars
Source Made in Malaysia


This is the best tasting brand that I had tried so far. However, when I inspected the ingredients list, I realised that there are extra ingredients like sugar and vegetarian seasonings which make it more processed and less healthy. Do eat it in moderation. 

Places that you can find it are: 

  1.益达兴—金菇肉-1000grams (S$3.5 for 200g in 2020, price may have increased as at writing)

2.  Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading Singapore (S$4.5 for 200g as at writing)

2. Hedgehog Mushroom by Bliss, CKH Industry Sdn. Bhd.

Categories Vegan, Frozen
Taste 3 Stars
Healthiness 3-4 Stars
Source Made in Malaysia


To me, this tastes pretty awful. I just can’t wait to finish the pack and I am never buying the vegan version again. I may try the version with egg another time. There are less extra ingredients in this and hence I gave it a 3 to 4 star.

The Place that you can find it : 

1.  Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading Singapore (S$11.5 for 450g as at writing)

3. Dried Hedgehog Mushroom by 金猴王


Categories Vegan, Dried
Taste 2-3 Stars
Healthiness 4-5 Stars
Source Made in China


This tastes the worst out of the whole lot in part because I do not know how to cook it such that there is texture. It could also be that this is a lower grade quality for I only paid $7.5 for the pack which has more than 15 mushrooms inside. I think this is the healthiest but most tedious to prepare among the 3 that I have listed here. 

The Place that you can find it : 

Albert Centre Wholesale Market (3rd floor),270 Queen Street , Singapore 180270
Opening hours: 8.00am to 8.30pm daily


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