I feel so lonely. I feel like this is a lone battle, trying to convince people around me how insidious video games, mobile devices and TV shows are to children and even old people.

I was so happy to move out of my parents’ place because I no longer had to tolerate the noises from the TV box. While I could run away, I know many children are still trapped by their parents’ ignorance and reluctance to change.

I spend so much time in my job illustrating to parents that too much screen time is causing their children to be unable to focus while studying.

Watching TV is easy. Learning a new Math concept is tough. What will a child choose?

Parents hire me to help their children. However, I can’t do much if parents do not eradicate the root cause of the problem – granting too much screen time to children. 

Some parents asked me what are the alternatives to video games to keep the young ones entertained when they are busy? My instinctive response is books but I learned not to let that slip out of my mouth because books are bland and dull for children who are already used to highly stimulating games. My recommendation would be to introduce different forms of games. Children like new and interesting experiences. A mix of board games and action-packed games can keep a child entertained for more than an hour. This is a huge feat for children that can only focus for at most 5 to 10 minutes when it comes to studying. If we teach children through games, their interest and engagement level would multiple which translate into more effective learning!

Over the years, I dream of bringing children outdoor to learn Science, Math, English, Chinese…However, the logistics and lack of budget always put me a few steps away from my dream.

When I had only $500 in my bank account, living under my dad’s roof, coupled with his constant disapproval of my career choice, it was a choice between getting an office job or accumulating more teaching experience while saving up for my dream. I had shown my parents that I could be financially independent with my career choice, though I often wished I could be more generous to them. 

5 years down the road, I have not forgotten the goal to bring lessons outdoor for children. The road is still bumpy, but this time, I have more support from my loved ones. I know if I persist in what I believe, one day, traditional learning tools and outdoor lessons will return to be the norm once again. 

If you really want to help your child, make this – SAY NO TO EXCESSIVE screen time – your imperative now!


我很高兴离开了父母的巢穴,因为我不再需要容忍电视盒发出的噪音。虽然我已远离了喧哗地生活环境,但我知道许多孩子仍然被父母的无知, 固执与纵容所困。


看电视,玩游戏机轻松简单。而学习新的知识需要坚韧的意志, 持之以恒才可成功领悟。在父母的纵容下, 孩子会选择什么呢?







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