Solo Travel Guide: 7 Days 7 Nights from Czech Republic (Prague) to Germany (Berlin) (Part 1)


Getting to and around Prague

1. Getting to Prague from Manchester

单人旅行指南:从捷克共和国(布拉格)到德国(柏林)的 7 天 7 夜(第 1 部分)前往布拉格及周边地区


There are several budget airlines that fly directly from Manchester to Prague and it will usually take you 2 hours at an average cost of 20 to 40 pounds for a one-way ticket in 2022 if there’s no flight delay or cancellation. If you are travelling around Europe during summer (from June to August), you should be prepared that airports are likely to be crowded as it is the peak tourist season in most countries. You should check the latest news and advice from the airline companies to find out how much time in advance you should reach the airport. Personally, I would reach 3 hours ahead of my scheduled flight time.  

2.  Getting around Prague

从曼彻斯特飞往布拉格有几家廉价航空公司提供航班,因此,机票的价钱通常相当实惠,单程机票平均为 二十 到四十英镑。如果航班没有延误或取消,两个小时内就能抵达布拉格。如果您在夏季(从六月到八月)前往欧洲旅行,您应该做好心里准备,因为这是大多数欧洲国家的旅游旺季,因此机场可能会很拥挤。您应该查看航空公司的最新消息和建议,以了解您应该提前多长时间到达机场。就个人而言,我会比预定的飞行时间提前三小时抵达机场。有时候,你甚至得提前四到五小时抵达机场。

(二) 游览布拉格

Like many of the popular cities in Italy, the public transport network in Prague is easy to navigate and affordable. Depending on the length of your stay, I would highly recommend you get the 1-Day or 3-Days Transport pass. As I was attending a friend’s wedding, I was gifted a 3-Days Transport pass from the couple which was a really sweet gesture. You can find out more about getting around Prague, including the airport transfer from this website. 

Accommodations in Prague

1. Giotto Apartments (S$37 Per Person Per night, stayed for 3 Nights)


(一)Giotto Apartments(每人每晚S$37,入住三晚)

I have booked this accommodation 3 months in advance and I am excited to get a private room at a pretty reasonable price. Even though this accommodation is not located in the city centre, as the public transport network is really extensive, efficient and affordable in Prague, it is easy to get into the city centre quickly. Furthermore, for just S$12 extra per night, I get to enjoy my personal space and a private ensuite toilet as compared to staying in a hostel in the city centre. I personally think this is money well spent to ensure that I will have a good night’s rest as I could easily save this amount by just cooking 1 to 2 meals per day instead of eating out. This apartment has a really awesome and well-equipped kitchen as well. I would definitely check out this accommodation again if I were visiting Prague again.

Nevertheless, for people who are very sensitive, this place may not be suited for you as the walls in the apartment are so thin that you can hear the cars on the street and people talking in the next room. I found it unbearable the first day when I stayed in the room. However, I got used to the noise on the 2nd day and developed an attachment to the place on the 3rd day when I had to leave.

2. Sir Toby’s Hostel (S$ 25 Per Person Per night, stayed for 1 night)   


(二)Sir Toby’s Hostel (每人每晚S$ 25,入住一晚)

I had booked this accommodation as I had to catch the bus to Berlin at 8 am the next day. I wanted to make sure that I was located within walking distance (20-30 mins) of the bus terminal. I stayed in a dormitory room for six people and I had a pretty good night’s sleep. The bedsheet was smelling fresh and clean. I am also really thankful that the other roommates were all very considerate. If you are planning to stay in a hostel, I will recommend you tire yourself out during the day so that when you hit the bed in the hostel, you will fall right asleep regardless of the noise in the surrounding. 

If you are planning to cook in this hostel, do note that the fridges are really small and packed. I would probably choose not to cook if I were staying in this hostel for several days. 

Attractions in Prague

1. Prague Old Town

As compared to Italian Old Town like Venice, Florence and Verona, Prague’s old town is massive. It takes 1 hour to walk from one side of the city centre to the other end.

因为隔天必须清晨八点赶上前往柏林的巴士,我预订了这个距离巴士总站步行 二十到三十分钟的住宿。我住的是六个人一间房的宿舍。那天晚上,我睡得很好因为床单清香干净,室友们也非常体贴, 没有大声喧哗。如果你打算入住青年旅馆,我建议你白天把自己累垮,这样到了晚上,不管周围是否喧嚣或宁静,你都能轻松入睡。另外,如果您打算在这家旅馆做饭,请注意冰箱很小并非常满,我不会选择做饭。




The historic buildings are renovated and restored to the olden days’ glory. It is really magical to be walking around the city. The roads are clean and most buildings are in new condition. Overall, I felt that the buildings in Prague were better maintained than in the cities in Italy. 

I am really impressed by the development in the city and my assumptions about Prague were completely wrong. You can find out more about it here. 

2. Prague Castle



The view from the castle was rewarding. The climb up the castle was a little tiring for me as I was panting by the time we reached the vantage point on the castle. The climb ascends is definitely less rigorous than climbing up onto Mount Faber in Singapore or even the Bukit Timah hill. However, I think that climbing up to the castle may be a little challenging for my dad. It was to my surprise that the entrance to Prague Castle is free unlike many of the attractions in Italy and Edinburgh. 

Food in Prague

1. Eating from the Supermarket (S$7 per meal)

As a tourist, the two common supermarkets that you will come across in Prague are Albert and Lidl. I am also surprised to learn that the general prices of food in Prague are in fact higher than in the UK. I think the main reason is that groceries are taxed at 15% in the Czech Republic while 0% in the UK. Therefore, I am really thankful that I still have access to pretty affordable and high-quality food in the UK at this moment. 

Personally, I would think that the cost of living in Prague would be quite high for me as most of my expenditures are predominantly on groceries. For 6 meals eating from the Supermarket in Prague, I spent £26/S$42 which averages £4/S$7 per meal. I would have spent the same amount eating from a Chinese restaurant in Prague in September 2022. Once again, this experience dispelled my assumptions that eating from the supermarket would always be cheaper in Europe.   This assumption is true in the UK, Italy and Germany, but not in the Czech Republic.      



身为一名游客,您在布拉格会遇到的两家常见超市是 Albert 和 Lidl。令我惊讶的是,布拉格超市内的食品价格,比英国还高。我想主要原因是粮食与必需品在捷克共和国的税率为 15%,而在英国为 0%。因此,我真的很庆幸此刻我仍然可以在英国购买相当实惠和优质的食物。

就我个人而言,我认为布拉格的生活消费相当高,因为我的大部分支出主要花在伙食费和必需品。从超市准备六顿饭,我花了二十六英镑或四十二新元,平均每餐为四英镑或七新元。同样的价钱,我也可以在中试餐馆享用一盘炒面。 由此可见,不是每个欧洲国家都一样。在英国、意大利和德国, 从超市准备餐点会比较实惠,而在捷克共和国就不一定是如此。

I like Albert’s Fresh Bistro series of soups and salads. Out of 4 flavours of soup I tried, my favourite is the pumpkin/ butternut squash soup. I also like the croissant from Lidl. I hated the Marlenka honey cake which I had long wanted to try since 2017 after tasting the honey cake from Perth. I almost wanted to order the Marlenka honey cake for a friend’s birthday back then. Thankfully I did not. The Marlenka honey cake was so dry and flavourless. It pales in comparison to Perth’s honey cake and the one I made in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
我喜欢 Albert’s Fresh Bistro 系列的汤和沙拉。在我试过的 4 种汤中,我最喜欢的是南瓜汤。我也喜欢 Lidl 的羊角面包。我不喜欢Marlenka蜂蜜蛋糕。自从2017年品尝了珀斯的蜂蜜蛋糕后,我就一直想尝试Marlenka蜂蜜蛋糕。那时我几乎想为朋友的生日订购 Marlenka 蜂蜜蛋糕。谢天谢地,我没有这么做。 Marlenka 蜂蜜蛋糕又干又不香。与珀斯的蜂蜜蛋糕和我在 2020 年 COVID-19 大流行期间制作的蜂蜜蛋糕相比,它相形见绌。

(二)在中餐厅用餐(每餐 S$6-S$10)

Just like in Italy, Chinese food in the Czech Republic is the most affordable eating-out option.  I paid S$6 for a plate of tofu fried noodles and S$3 for a bowl of hot and sour soup. The taste of the food was decent and I would give this restaurant 3 out of 5 stars. 

Total Expenditures

Expenditure Category Per Person % of Total Cost
Budget Airline Air Ticket (Flying into the Czech Republic) S$ 42 10%
4 Days Public Transport Tickets S$ 23 5%
Accommodations (for 4 nights) S$ 136 31%
Food S$ 51 12%
Insurance (4 Days) S$ 18 4%
Miscellaneous (Gifts and Contingency) S$ 167 38%
Total S$ 437 100%


Next Destination: Berlin

You can find out more about my journey from Prague to Berlin here. 

就像在意大利一样,捷克共和国的中餐是最实惠的外出就餐选择。我花了 6 新元买了一盘豆腐炒面,花了 3 新元买了一碗酸辣汤。食物的味道不错,我会给这家餐厅五颗星中的三颗星。


消费类别 每人消费 占总消费的百分比(%)
廉价航空公司机票(从英国飞到捷克) S$ 42/RMB  10%
城市巴士票 S$ 23/RMB  5%
住宿(四晚) S$ 136/RMB  31%
食物 S$ 51/RMB  12%
保险(四天) S$ 18/RMB  4%
其它(礼物与禁忌事物开销) S$ 167/RMB  38%
Total S$437 /RMB 



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