I started using InspiredTaste’s recipe in 2013 when I tried my hands at making hummus. I really like how detailed the authors were in giving advice and substitute suggestions in the recipe. I have made these pancakes at least twice and both attempts were successful. You just have to follow the advice of the teachers closely and not overmix your batter.


It was quite expensive to purchase hummus from Supermarkets in Singapore and they usually do not taste good except for those from Mark and Spencers. However, ever since we moved to the UK, we have stopped making hummus as we can find them at every supermarket at a fraction of the price we used to pay in Singapore. 

I would recommend these two recipes if you are craving hummus and can’t get your hands on them easily. 

More Complicated Recipe Simple Recipe
By  Inspired Taste By Internet Shaquille


Vegan Ramen

When I first discovered Wil Yueng’s Asian Vegan recipes on YouTube, it was in 2020 during the period of the COVID-19 lockdown.  His recipes certainly stood out on YouTube back then as most vegan recipes were either western or Indian style.

I would highly recommend checking out his black garlic oil recipe as this Garlic Oil is the soul of Vegan Japanese Ramen. It is the game changer that takes your cooking to the next level. 

Japanese Nama Chocolate

I really love Royce Nama chocolate and it is quite expensive in Singapore. It used to be sold at S$18-20 per box in Singapore and S$8-10 in Japan back in 2015-2019.

Therefore, I am so thankful to find this awesome Nama Chocolate recipe from JustOneCookbook. Nami, the author of the food blog, gives very specific and detailed instructions in her recipes as well.

The golden ratio of making Nama chocolate is to ensure that the ratio of heavy (whipping) cream (gram/ml) and chocolate (gram) is 1:2. 

Double Chocolate Brownie

Pomodoro Pasta

I really like Bon Appetit recipes as they are simple and delicious. The Pomodoro Pasta is my favourite and I learned that:

Garlic + Tomatoes = Magic


Indian Food

I cook Indian food at home 70% of the time and these are the repertoire of recipes I usually make at home. My favourite go-to teacher is Swasthi as she was the first teacher who dramatically improved my Indian cuisine cooking skills. 

Swasthi’s Recipe Poonam’s Kitchen
Palak Paneer

Vegetable Pulao


Instant Rava Uttapam


Cauliflower Curry

Food Processor Chappati Dough

Cauliflower Prata


Hebbar Kitchen Hurry the food up
Punjabi Kadhi Pakora Chickpea Pancake


Kimchi Recipe

I love eating kimchi and Korean stew when I was in Singapore and my favourite kimchi recipe is by Maangchi. I also find her narrating style really cute as it reminded me of Mrs. Kim from Kim’s Convenience TV series. 

Chinese Cuisine Recipes

These are some Chinese cuisine recipes that I had tried and liked. 

MadewithLau XiaoYing
Egg Plant with Garlic Sauce

Hot and Sour Soup

Cantonese Chow Mein

Egg and Tofu


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