Once upon a time, there was a little boy who met an elephant.He saw the elephant being bullied by a bunch of naughty kids, but the elephant did not get angry, and only sat quietly at his original spot. 

The little boy could not stand it and went forward to stop the children from throwing stones at the elephant.

The little boy was very puzzled by the elephant’s reaction, so he asked: “Elephant, dear elephant, why did you not retaliate, and dumbly sat at the original spot to allow them to continue the bullying?  Your body is humongous, a slight movement or howl would have scared them away.”

The elephant answered: “Grandmother said that the trunk is to drink water and not to scare people, if we want to live harmoniously with people, we will have to try to understand and not get angry.” 

After hearing the reply from the elephant, the little boy seems to gain a deeper understanding of things. From then on, whenever he gets angry, he will be reminded of the gentle demeanour and magnanimous nature of the elephant. 







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