Travel Guide: 7 Days 7 Nights from United Kingdom (Manchester) to Italy (Brindisi, Milan) Part 1


Getting to and around Brindisi

1. Getting to Brindisi from Manchester  

There are limited direct flights from Manchester to Brindisi. The flight I took was only 20% filled. It took 3 hours to reach the destination. As Manchester is 1 hour behind Brindisi, the flight set off at 6 pm on Friday and we only arrived at Brindisi at 10 pm. Thankfully, the custom at Brindisi Airport was not crowded and I was out of the airport in 15 minutes. 

2.  Getting around Brindisi   

There is a bus that connects Brindisi airport to the town centre. In November 2022, the bus ticket costs Euro 1.1 if you purchase ahead from a cafe or tabacchi shop. It costs Euro 2 if you purchase it on the bus from the driver. You should have some cash to purchase these bus tickets as most shops would not accept credit cards. The bus service only runs from 5.30 am to 11.45 pm operating at a frequency of 30 minutes intervals. 

Other than the airport transfer, I got around Brindisi by foot as it is a very compact town. 

Accommodation in Brindisi  

Annarita’s Airbnb (S$42 Per Person Per night, stayed for 2 nights)

As I reached Brindisi late at night, I was really lucky to stay in this accommodation as it was located just 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop where I alighted. The host was really nice and accommodating to my request to leave my luggage at her place after check out. I felt welcomed staying at this Airbnb as compared to the one in Edinburgh. I would certainly want to stay at this place if I were to return to Brindisi. 

Accommodation in Milan

As there were limited flights that fly out of Brindisi Airport, I had to fly to Milan airport before I could get to my next destination, Budapest. I arrived at Milan airport at 9 p.m. while the next flight was at 8.20 a.m. the next day. I booked a hotel that was located within the Milano Malpensa Airport and served by the free shuttle bus connecting the two terminals in the airport. I found it a little difficult to locate the bus stop so I am putting some photos here to help you find your way. The bus stop at Terminal 1 is located right outside Hotel Sheraton.     

You have to alight at the bus stop named Case Nuove and walk 9 minutes to the hotel through a pretty deserted road. If you are travelling with seniors, I would recommend that you take a taxi or book the Holiday Inn hotel instead as it is nearer to the bus stop. 

Crowne Plaza Milan – Malpensa Airport (S$92 Per Person Per night, stayed for 1 night)  

It felt so good to stay in a 4-stars hotel once in a while. I had forgotten all the attention to detail that luxury hotels would provide such as a towel grill, an anti-slip mat and a hot water bath that you can control the water temperature. I do not think that I would appreciate how great luxury hotels are if I had not stayed in budget accommodations most of the time. 

I have booked this accommodation out of necessity. The hotel was strategically priced such that it would be equivalent to the cost of booking a cheaper hostel that was 30 minutes away by taxi which would have cost Euro 40 to shuttle to and fro the airport. I was able to make this decision all thanks to the reviews left by other travellers on

Staying in a hotel near the airport was the obvious choice as it saved me time and hassle. This experience taught me that the cheapest option may not always meet my needs. Had I been a newbie traveller, I would not have bothered to read the reviews by other travellers and probably just chosen the cheapest accommodation.

For the best rate, I would recommend you do the following steps:

  • Book direct from the website as compared to third-party platforms like
  • Become an IHG member
  •  Choose the Non-refundable option

Attraction in Brindisi

Brindisi is a small town and it is the gateway to some of the most popular sites in South Italy such as Lecee and Ostuni. However, as I was travelling alone, I did not want to explore the other destinations on my own. I decided to just walk around Brindisi and enjoy the sunny weather and sea breeze.  

If you are a reader from Singapore, you will probably not understand how great it is to experience sunny weather when most of the time you stay in a gloomy and cold city. 

Food in Brindisi

I was looking forward to the food in Italy but I must say that Brindisi is not a very vegetarian-friendly town. I had a tough time finding affordable and delicious vegetarian food. I was turned down by 3 restaurants that seemed popular as they were catering to tour groups and did not want to serve a lone traveller.

I ended up having to eat most of my meals from the supermarkets. If you are a vegetarian and visiting Brindisi in the shoulder months (not June to September), it’s probably a good idea to rent a place where you can prepare your own meals. You just have fewer food options in this small town unlike in bigger cities like Venice and Florence.  

Not Recommended 

Pescheria Del Porto (S$10.50 per meal)

I was so desperate to have a decent meal that I chose to eat at a restaurant that had barely anyone patronising at 2.15 pm. Most restaurants in Italy close by 2.30 or 3 pm. I was just grateful that this restaurant was still open at that time. Alas, it was the most awful pizza that I had eaten in my life. The dough was tough and the mozzarella cheese was overcooked. I am going to avoid this restaurant like a plague if I were to visit Brindisi again.

Total Expenditures

Expenditure Category Per Person % of Total Cost
Air tickets (Brindisi, Milan)  S$ 44 17%
Bus Tickets  S$ 3 1%
Accommodation (for 3 nights)  S$ 176 66%
Food (3 meals) S$ 32 12%
Gifts  S$ 11 4%
Total S$ 266 100%

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