Travel Guide: Day Trip to Lake District from Manchester, United Kingdom


Getting to and around Lake District

1. Shuttling between Lake District and Manchester 

The return train ticket from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Windermere Station at Lake District cost £21 per person and it took us 2 hours to arrive at our destination in the morning. 

As usual, the morning train ride to Lake District was smooth but the return journey was delayed. The train company cancelled part of the train ride and chartered a bus to bring us to a connecting station. As a result, the return journey took 3.5 hours and required several transfers between the bus and the connecting trains. 

2.  Getting around Lake District

As we did not have a car, we chose to explore Lake District on foot. We did not venture further than Windermere as we were limited by time. For a day trip, this was what we were able to explore. You could also take a bus to explore other towns.

This is the area that we were able to explore during our day trip.


Orrest Head Viewpoint

The weather seems deceptively sunny in the pictures but most of the time, the weather is very gloomy in the northern part of England. We arrived in Lake District in October 2022 and it was not too crowded as the peak summer season had ended.

This was the only hike we did as the entry point was just right next to the Windermere train station. The hike was short and easy. You have the option to take the steep or gentle route. We chose the steep hike up and the gentle route down. This hike may be quite challenging for my dad who will turn 65-year-old next year.

It’s really a shame that most of us would be limited by financial resources when we are young to travel as widely and far as we would like. When we are older, we would still be limited by our time and health to explore the World. So, don’t let every opportunity to have fun slip away!

We were rewarded with a brighter rainbow at the summit. We spotted several rainbows throughout the day in the Lake District. So much PRIDE in this place.


We packed our lunch which included wraps, fruits, nuts, chocolates, and pancakes. If the weather is good, you should also bring along a picnic mat and you can easily find a nice spot to have your lunch. It was raining when we were there but thankfully, we found a nice shelter to have our lunch, away from the prying birds. 

Like us, if you are looking for a budget meal but do not have access to a kitchen, you can consider grabbing your lunch from the Supermarkets such as Booth (located right next to the train station), Sainsbury, and Tesco Express. 

If you prefer to have a hot meal, you can also consider eating at Booth cafe which has pretty reasonable meal sets if you sign up for its free membership. 

Total Expenditures

Expenditure Category Per Person % of Total Cost
Returned Train and Bus Tickets (£21 each) S$ 33 100%
Total S$ 33 100%

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