“Happiness is Greatness”. I found myself beaming the next few days after attending the festival. It dispelled the loneliness that I had experienced the last few weeks and I found a renewed sense of purpose in my work. 


True greatness is born in the face of rejection. I deeply admire those performers who trudge through an empty hall, a silent room packed with audience and critics’ harsh reviews, yet refuse to back down and continue to put themselves out there to deconstruct and reconstruct their craft. 

To be able to perform at the Fringe festival is already an impressive feat as performers would have had to demonstrate their past ability to bring in the crowd. Nevertheless, it can still be a stressful event for the artistes, a reality check as an artiste’s greatest nightmare is to show up to an empty crowd while other performers have a sold-out event. Regardless of how popular one is (or was), deep down, there would be a lingering fear of rejection, constantly trying to creep up to hijack one’s conscious mind. 

The well-known UK-based artistes like Nina Conti and Jordan Brookes tend to have a larger crowd as this is their home base. With fans not having to travel from miles away, their shows are often sold out.

我在 2022 年爱丁堡艺穗节的体验


所谓失败乃成功之母。 我打从心里深深钦佩那些不屈不挠的表演者。 即使面对空荡荡的观众席,鸦雀无声的掌声以及苛刻的评论,这些表演者却不退缩,继续磨练才艺,达到最高峰。



Artistes hailing from afar like Alice Fraser,  Atsuko, and Vir Das would have to contend with a smaller crowd and may at times struggle to connect with the new audience. Stand-up comedy is such a subjective art form and it requires the audience to at least have an overlapping degree of context and worldview to gel with the comedian. It’s unnerving to steer into unchartered territory, yet, without such exposures, one would never be able to get out of one’s cocoon to form a worldview that can withstand the test of culture and universal truth. 
相比之下,远道而来的艺人们不得不与较小的观众群竞争,并且有时可能难以与新观众建立互动。单口喜剧是一种主观的艺术形式,观众至少要与艺人有相似程度的世界观, 才能欣赏喜剧演员的幽默感。踏入未知领域令人倍感不安,然而,如果没有这样的经历,表演者将无法达成自我突破,形成经得起文化和普遍真理考验的世界观。
The event venue was plastered with posters everywhere to liven up the mood.

In order to improve their craft, these artistes are willing to put themselves out there, LIVE, to be judged. In a post-covid world, it’s ever so tempting for an artiste to remain behind the screen, shielded from the awkwardness of interacting with an unimpressed crowd. 

Across the shows I had attended, a common consensus among the performers was that COVID-19 had hit them pretty hard as most had not performed live for 2 years. In their words, they had almost forgotten how to perform. Some even contemplated making a switch into baking or gardening. Thankfully, they had not and I was able to tap into their brains, wit, and humour during the Fringe festival. 

I applaud all the artistes that were present to evoke the mammoth of sleeping emotions in our lives as they continue to inspire others with their relentless pursuit to hone their craft.



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