These are the 2 YouTube Entrepreneurs whom I continue to draw inspiration from in 2023. 

1. Rose Han

I had previously shared about Rose’s YouTube channel in this article . A year later, I am still following her channel and I can’t get enough of her content. 

I love Rose, I love her so much. I found myself searching for her name on YouTube every other week hoping that she had uploaded a new video. There are so many videos by Rose that I would recommend to anyone who is struggling to find courage and confidence to pursue his or her dream.

What I really admire about Rose right now is that she is not afraid of failures and rejections. As a result, she dares to live out the life that she dreams of. For instance, Rose is not afraid to talk about how she would use every rejection as a feedback to improve. Rose is also not afraid to pick up from a failed relationship and try again. She even did an open call for suitors in her YouTube video when she was ready to move on from her divorce.  

Another trait that I can perhaps emulate Rose is to prioritise my learnings over everything else, including remuneration. Rose was willing to do things for free to learn new skills from a mentor. During that mentorship, Rose demonstrated that she was extremely pro-active and determined when she took initiative to cold call 100 customers to get a sale.

Basically, Rose is someone whom you should check in on when you want to draw positive energy to diffuse the negativity in your life right now. Personally, I would always tune in to Rose’s channel whenever I feel upset, lonely or dejected. I draw energy from her videos. 

2. Ali Abdaal

Ali is also another YouTuber that I deeply admire. I really like his vision to make education accessible to people at no cost while finding a group of people who are willing to pay for the premium content to fund the goal.

He brings his audience along his entrepreneurship journey while he tries to figure out his career path. Ali is much younger than me but there’s so much that I have to learn from him and his team.

At this moment, I find his videos on how he grew his business and manages his team insightful. I will have to re-watch them again to summarise my learning. 

If you are a student about to enter college, you should check out this video by Ali.

All in all, Ali is a Dynamic YouTuber. However, as there are too many videos in his channel, it may be overwhelming for someone new to his channel. I have been a long-time viewer of his videos so I have seen how he had evolved over the years.

It is really amazing how the Internet facilitates crowd-sourcing and enables us to learn from the wisdom of others almost in real time (instead of having to wait for a book to be published). This phenomenon is only possible in an open society as compared to an oppressive and dictatorial one illustrated in the book, 1984, by George Orwell.

The younger generation would probably not understand how the media used to be tightly controlled and censored by authorities, the rich and influential. Social media had given a voice to the masses and I hope that this power would not be taken away from us. 


What do Rose and Ali have in common?

I can’t help notice the common traits that my favourite YouTubers have. They are/were

  • migrants and had thrived in their new countries.
  • transparent about their income.
  • not afraid to share about their “failures” to help others.
  • harassed by some of the viewers. They had to deal with lots of mean comments and personal attacks on their YouTube channel from time to time when they first started out.

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